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Fortunately the proposal was rejected by the planning committee in February 2015. I my self don't mind the Wheel itself, for a short period but i do object to the " associated equipment and facilities " They sneak in to the application.

This i suppose means more Cafes/Bars, they have applied for permission to sell booze.

The next list tells you about all the Gibb compositions but not performed by The Bee Gees: 219- Woman In Love /B.

These are the results of all the Bee Gees titles in the Top 2000 and the positions: 253- Massachusetts 260- How Deep Is Your Love 277- Staying Alive 300- Words 401- Spicks And Specks 618- Night Fever 680- I Started A Joke 688- Dont Forget To Remember 803- Nights On Broadway 815- Tragedy 887- You Win Again 956- Lonely Days 1126- How Can You Mend A Broken Hear 1172- To Love Somebody 1302- New York Mining Disaster 1445- I've Gotta Get A Message To You 1595- World 1645- Jive Talking 1647- You Should Be Dancing 1766- My World 1901- Too Much Heaven 1905- Holiday A total of 22 Bee Gees songs!!

Since I've gone wi-fi, I've been enjoying the guilty pleasures of working away from my garden office.

An interesting post at the Furry Goat blog on this subject, where Steve Makofsky suggests that his home office is in fact "just wasted space" and says that he is going to 'uninstall' it, turning it into a more general study area (though crucially without a desk) with nicer interior design and pleasant bookshelves which doesn't have the 'office' connotations.

African monitor lizards, ill tempered and up to seven feet long, are splashing through canals in Cape Coral.

Vervet monkeys hang around a car rental lot near Fort Lauderdale; South American monk parakeets wreak havoc on power lines; Cuban tree frogs have colonized everywhere, gobbling native frogs as they go.

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The 120mm KEW-A1 cartridge is a tungsten based Armor-Piercing, Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot-Tracer (APFSDS-T).

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  1. On the “Perks of dating a Moroccan man” Katrina Bushko’s article that enflamed and enraged some to the point of declaring it blasphemous, I’d like to simply state that the unwarranted assault is not only on free speech, but on the very foundation of why Moroccans often feel misunderstood as a culture when they try to respond to stereotypes or misconceptions about their so ‘untouchable’ culture.